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Facebook Live!

Out of town? Don’t worry, watch online every Sunday at 9am & 11am with our Facebook Live Service

Visit our Facebook page here!

Watch Online… Anytime…

Unavailable to watch live?  We know, things come up Sunday mornings, that’s why you can watch ANY SERVICE at ANY TIME.

Watch on Vimeo 
Watch on YouTube

Faith and Family Channel!

You can watch our services on your TV with Cable (Armstrong 95) or Over the Air (Channel 40.2)

NBCA services air:
Mondays @5am, Thursdays @5pm, Saturdays @7pm

"Couldn’t be there this week. See you next week. Watching with the family from home today on Fackbook Live!"



Sundays 9am & 11am
Wednesdays 7pm.


New Brighton Christian Assembly
1810 Valley Avenue
New Brighton, PA 15066
(724) 846-8820